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Gene and Smiley help an all-too-proper girl Connie in her attempt to run a cattle ranch.

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original title: Heart of the Rio Grande

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Music,Western


imdb: 6.8

duration: 1h 8min

tags: Hear Gene sing ..."In the Heart of Texas" (Title lobby card).


keywords: situationcomedy, ranch, ranchhand, cattleranch, duderanch, cattle, slapstickcomedy, worldwartwo, wienerroast, westernband, wealth, wagon, wagondriver, trainstation, trainporter, texas, texan, teacher,








































Gene and Smiley help an all-too-proper girl Connie in her attempt to run a cattle ranch. As foreman of a dude ranch, Gene has two problems. One is a guest, the spoiled daughter of a millioniare, and the other is the disgruntled ex-foreman that Gene replaced, now just a ranch hand. Gene eventually gets the daughter straightened out but has to fire the ex-foreman and this leads to trouble when he returns intent on revenge. "Heart of the Rio Grande" (1942) is probably the most lyrical of Autry's movies and therefore has held up better than his more action oriented films. When ranch owner Skipper Forbes hires Gene as her new foreman, the old foreman Hap Callahan (William Haade) is allowed to stay on as a ranch hand. Hap resents Gene and his plans turning the place into a dude ranch. There is a lot of friction between them culminating in a fight and Hap's dismissal. He plots revenge.

Early in the film a girls' school arrives at the dude ranch for the summer. The teacher Alice Bennett (Fay McKenzie) serves as both Gene's tame romantic interest and his sidekick Frog's (Smiley Burnett) unrequited love. Their dueling serenade of Alice is the best of a whole bunch of pretty good musical elements in the film.

All the girl students look about high school age which gives the film a lot of charm that would be missing if they had populated the cast with 20 something starlets. The most prominent of the students is Connie Lane (Edith Fellows best known as Polly Pepper in all those Pepper films of the 30's), the spoiled daughter of a rich businessman. At first Connie makes a lot of trouble for everyone but eventually she takes to Gene and works to improve his opinion of her.

Burnette can lay claim to originating the mini-me concept. In "Heart of the Rio Grande" Frog Millhouse is shadowed by a fat little boy, appropriately named Tadpole (Joe Strauch, Jr.). Tadpole dresses just like Frog including the same hat style (front brim turned up). He has a lot of precocious lines and a very bass singing voice. Jean Porter plays another of the students (mysteriously named Pudge) and soon becomes young Tadpole's first crush. The vivacious Porter is drop dead gorgeous, in the image of Vargas redhead Jean Dean.

"Heart of the Rio Grande" is mostly music and comedy, what action there is consists almost entirely of Gene rescuing Connie from an assortment of dangers. This is not a bad thing.

Then again, what do I know? I'm only a child. In one of those odd coincidences I seem to run into time and again, one of the the last Westerns I saw and reviewed on this site was "Deep in the Heart of Texas", starring Johnny Mack Brown and Tex Ritter. That flick also came out in 1942, AND also utilized the talents of the Jimmy Wakely Trio. This film's original working title borrowed from the song that's heard prominently here a couple of times, and you can't get more Western than 'Deep in the Heart of Texas'.

With only a single appearance as Tadpole Millhouse in a prior Autry flick, Joe Strauch Jr. has the gimmick down real well as Frog's (Smiley Burnette) young companion, right down to the mannerisms that go with the look-a-like, though scaled down appearance. Tadpole has some fun at Smiley's expense, switching out his Slicko Hair Tonic (with Breath O' Roses!) for some of old Doc Hanley's Mineral Ointment. While Smiley pines away for the picture's leading lady (Fay McKenzie as Alice Bennett), Tadpole has an eye for the cute Jean Porter going by the name of Pudge. Couldn't figure that one out, Pudge wasn't pudgy, and was actually quite cute when you come right down to it.

Well the working plot here has Gene befriending an upstart teenager Connie Lane (Edith Fellows), who would rather be anyplace else than the Smoke River Ranch, recently converted to a dude ranch to help pay the bills. Gene replaces old foreman Hap Callahan (William Haade), who even though might rightly hold a grudge, I just couldn't see why he would take a gunshot at Gene during the horse round-up. What's even more questionable is that Gene shoots back! You know, they could have killed each other! I guess in simpler times the viewer wasn't supposed to be so concerned about bodily harm, as long as the good guys beat out the bad guys.

The most interesting part of the picture came when Gene did an outright commercial within the story line promoting his message for the defense of the country - 'Buy United States Savings Bonds and Stamps'. For me, that's the kind of good guys versus bad guys message I'd like to see more of today, especially when there's so many bad guys in the world to go around.


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